Qualitherm surface heating and cooling systems

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Lightweight heating/cooling system

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Plastered/wet technology

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Floor tempering

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Ceiling heating installed on the formwork of a monolithic slab

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Ventilation pipes in the monolithic slab

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Heat pumps

Ceiling heating also heats the exterior and partition walls, windows and doors, and the floor. In our showroom, you can test that this surface heating solution provides a good feeling of comfort even at a lower room temperature.

It can be checked that there is a maximum difference of two to three °C between the temperature under the ceiling and the temperature of the floor.

The heat pump can be connected to a separate meter with an H-tariff, so the favorable operating costs can be checked directly.

We design surface heating systems for our customers according to their needs, we determine the necessary materials, which can be purchased at our company headquarters.

If required, we hold theoretical or practical training for installation contractors, and undertake all related background services.


Experience it for yourself in our showroom

The essence of ceiling heating is that small diameter plastic pipes are laid in the lower plane of the monolithic slab or under the plaster or plasterboard, through which hot water flows for heating and cold water for cooling.

The ceiling is overheated by the hot water, cooled by the cold water, so the heating/cooling is not done by the pipes, but by the overheated or cooled surface.


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